• Steak haché de bœuf Wagyu
  • Steak haché de bœuf Wagyu
  • Steak haché de bœuf Wagyu

Wagyu Beef Ground Steak - frozen

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* Important Info: All frozen meats are shipped by ChronoFreeze, with a controlled temperature of -18°C. This is the reason why the delivery costs are high. Thank you for your understanding. *

Bellota-Bellota® has selected a producer who has been working the Wagyu breed in Spain for over 20 years. This exceptional product differs from other bovine meats by its immediately recognizable marbling and incomparable fat infiltration. Characteristics that make it incredibly tender and melt-in-the-mouth.

The result: intense and slightly sweet aromas. Considered by many experts as “the best meat in the world”, Bellota-Bellota® has fallen in love with its exceptional taste.

Offered here in a minced steak format to discover this exceptional meat in an accessible way.

Preservation :

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