Baeri Caviar 30g

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Caviars by Bellota-Bellota®

The original and historical product for the Group, wild caviar has totally disappeared since 2008, and now only caviar from fish farming is authorised. 


Baeri caviar, France

This comes from the species Acipenser baerii (Latin name), commonly known as the Siberian sturgeon. It has smaller grains than Oscetra caviar and is dark grey in colour.

Good taste value for money!

Preservation :
Allergens :
Ingredients :
Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100g
Nutrition facts per 100g
Energie / Energy value 246 Kcal
Matières grasses / Fats 14 g
Dont acides gras saturés / of which saturated 2,5g
Glucides  2,8 g
Proteines 22g
Dont Sucres 0
Sel / salt 3 g 

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