Oscetra Caviar 30g


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  • Preservation : 0/+2°C

What you need to know:

Caviars by Bellota-Bellota®

The original and historical product for the Group, wild caviar has totally disappeared since 2008, and now only caviar from fish farming is authorised. 

Oscetra caviar


Sturgeon variety: Acipenser Güldenstuedi. ”THE” great caviar coming from the same fish as its “wild” cousins in the Caspian Sea.

A fairly large grain, that can have golden bronze reflections, a smooth texture with long and complex aromas. A connoisseur’s caviar.

  • Allergens : fish

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Oscetra Caviar 30g

Oscetra Caviar 30g

**This item is not available for foreign countries**

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