Manchego semi-curado


Vacuum Sealed packages of 375g

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  • Expiration date : 6 months munimum
  • Preservation : +2/+6°C

What you need to know:

The most famous of Spanish cheeses: it's name comes both from the Spanish province where it is produced (la Mancha) but also from the race of goats (Manchega goats) that provide the milk for making it.

It is in Tembleque in the heart of la Mancha, where we found our Manchego supplier.

Prepared exclusively with raw milk we offer 2 different ages: the curado (4 to 6 months of maturing) and the semi-curado (2 to 3 months of maturing). 


Vacuum Sealed packages of 375g


Ingredients: raw goat milk, salt, rennet.

  • Allergens : milk and egg

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Manchego semi-curado

Manchego semi-curado

Vacuum Sealed packages of 375g

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