Little Cañarejal Torta


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  • Preservation : +2/+6°C

What you need to know:

This Torta de Cañarejal is one of the very rare cheeses in the world to use plant rennet rather than animal rennet: pistils of wild thistles into a powder. 

Sheep of the merino race (yes same as the wool!) grazeat the heart of the "las Riheras de Castronuño" nature park, which is overrun with aromatic plants. 

Prepared exclusively from raw milk and wild thisthistle pistils, the Torta Cañarejal is turned each day for 45 to 60 days in order to reach and maintain its smoothness creaminess and mellowness... irresistible! 

This is surely THE great Spanish cheese, to be enjoyed with a spoon from the centre of the table. 

The 1/2 Torta approximately: 250G


Contains: goats milk, milk ferments, salt, plant rennet

Best before: 2 months

Storage: fridge +2/+6°C

  • Allergens : milk

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Little Cañarejal Torta

Little Cañarejal Torta

**This item is not available for foreign countries**

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