• Jambon Maldonado entier
  • Jambon Maldonado entier

Maldonado ham bone in

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Manuel Maldonado's hams come from a unique Pata Negra. Recognized throughout the world, a guarantee of quality for great chefs, it is for the first time in France and we explain why.

It is in the province of Extremadura, in the southwest of Spain, that Manuel Maldonado chose to carry out the project of his life: to dedicate himself to the production of Iberian ham.

He decides to deliver an exceptional taste experience by only producing and proving the best of the best (remind you of something?). His choice is a purebred Iberian pig, with a 100% Iberian father and mother. An indigenous Pata Negra Albarragena breed so that the animal can enjoy the Dehesa, its natural element.

Manuel Maldonado works for taste above all else and not productivity. He makes around 5,000 hams a year and each pig benefits from almost 6 hectares to roam. The taste of its ham is unique and the meat exceptionally tender. Why ? Because pigs are only fed on bellotas (glands) and fresh grass throughout their lives. It is a quality product that will be sublimated by refining for a minimum of 4 years, to reach an oleic acid level of 58%.

To sum up, a Manuel Maldonado ham is "a delight, a product that leaves you puzzled when you taste it, and then a flavor that takes us directly to this unique environment in the world".

Produit sujet à dessication 

Net weight :
7,5 kg
Ingredients :
(origin Spain)
Preservation :
Room t°
Allergens :
Guaranteed use-by date on delivery :
90 days
Refining duration :
More than 4 years

Nutritional facts per 100g

Energy : 314 kcal / 1315,32 kJ

Protein : 37,78g

Carbohydrates : <0,56 g

Fats : 25,75 g

Saturated fats : 9,47 g

Salt : 1,94 g