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Vos produits livrés à la bonne température

Iberian ham: it is THE most famous product in Spain, a must in Spanish gastronomy. Bellota-Bellota® hams are selected from the best hams, directly from producers in Spain, in each maturing region.

From the famous Iberian pig with black legs, these hams are produced by hand with a manufacturing process that lasts for years. Salting, post-salting, drying and curing: these are the four stages that shape each ham, giving it its appearance, taste, flavors, aromas and unique texture.

In Andalusia, Bellota-Bellota® selects hams with a powerful, tasty and generous taste.

In Castile, Bellota-Bellota® selects hams with a mild and delicate taste.

In Extremadura, Bellota-Bellota® selects hams with a complex and rich taste. 

Sliced ​​into petals, the Bellota-Bellota® ham is vacuum-packed for optimal preservation. Before tasting it, follow the tips on the package for the perfect tasting experience.

Expiration date :
2 months
Preservation :
Allergens :
Weight :
Refining duration :
36 to 48 months
Ingredients :

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