Lomo 100g


100g package

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  • Expiration date : 3 months
  • Preservation : 0-5°C

What you need to know:

The lomo is a muscle that runs along the spinal column of the Iberian pig, continuing on from the lomito. Each 170 kg Iberian pig provides an average of approximately 1.2 kg of matured meat. It can be enjoyed fresh but, since its much less marbled than the lomito, it is as embutidos (delicatessen meats) that its flavour and subtlety are best expressed.

Once again, Spanish tradition calls for lomos to be systematically seasoned with paprika.

Just like the Bellota-Bellota®lomito, all Bellota-Bellota®lomos are prepared without paprika, and they mature gently over long months.


Contains: Lomo Iberico Bellota pure, salt, spices, garlic, sugar, antioxidant E301, E 252 and E 250 Conservatives

Best before: 3 months

Storage: tempered

  • Allergens : none

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