Sea Salt



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  • Expiration date : illimited
  • Preservation : protected from humidity

What you need to know:

It is the noble product, unequaled in its finesse and its incomparable effect on the palate. Representing less than 10% of the harvest, fleur de sel is made of fine, almost flat crystals. They are harvested from the surface of the water just after they form, in real time, before the crystals grow and settle to the bottom of the eyelet. The crystals therefore keep their immaculate white, since they do not come into contact with the clay.

In use, the fleur de sel is served on the plate, just before tasting. Basically, the fleur de sel is not there to add salt to a dish that has already been “measured” by its cook, but simply to give a little more relief to its flavors. Very light, the crystal of fleur de sel will melt on contact with the tongue and the palate, creating here and there subtle variations which will reveal the balance of the dish tasted, whether it is a simple salad of tomatoes or an elaborate exotic risotto.

An even more particular crush on the tuna belly and of course on the famous pluma.

Origin: France, Noirmoutier

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Sea Salt

Sea Salt


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