Culinary preparation with extra virgin olive oil and porcini mushrooms

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Prepared from our famous 100% Arbequina Vintage olive oil then naturally perfumed by steeping with "boletus edulis" cep mushrooms!

"Subtle" oil to bring out tastes and to highlight your culinary creations. 

Contenance :
Ingredients :
Olive oil, Boletus Edulis (5g)
Preservation :
protected from light
Allergens :
Guaranteed use-by date on delivery :
90 days
Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100g
Nutrition facts per 100g
Energie / Energy value 3441 JL / 837 Kcal
Matières grasses / Fats 93g
Dont acides gras saturés / of which saturated 13g
Glucides / carbohydrates 0g
Dont sucres / of which sugars 0g
Protéines / Protein 0g
Sel / salt 0g

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