Iberian pluma 800g - frozen

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The best muscle of the famous Pata Negra

In the 2000s, by chance, we had the opportunity to taste this meat with its incredible flavor and extraordinary texture. We then decided to introduce the French market to this exquisite product… Indeed, this small muscle (on average, there are 2 plumas of 180g per 170kg pig!!), located at the front of each lomo, was until then stuffed with them to make charcuterie.

What is the pluma?

Located at the front of the lomos, the pluma is a muscle in the shape of a flint point which particularity is to be enveloped in a thin layer of fat, which make it so tasty and so specific to the Iberian pig.

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How to cook it?

Preferably on the plancha or in a very hot pan, without fat. It can be cooked whole, like a duck breast, but should if possible be eaten “dew” to appreciate its smoothness, its “jugosidad”. It can also be cut into steaks about 1cm thick, seared over very high heat to have a crispy texture on the outside but be careful not to cook it too much to keep its pink flesh inside. A few flakes of fleur de sel on top, 1 or 2 turns of the pepper mill for amateurs. All you have to do is savor it. Treat yourself !

Net weight :
Ingredients :
Iberian pork 100% Bellota (origin Spain)
Preservation :
Allergens :
Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100g
Nutrition facts per 100g
Energie / Energy value 230 kcal 
Matières grasses / Fats 16g
Dont acides gras saturés / of which saturated 7g
Glucides / carbohydrates 0g
Dont sucres / of which sugars 0g
Protéines / Protein 21g
Sel / salt 0,1g