• Ribs de porc ibérique

Ribs from Iberian pork 500g - frozen

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All our Bellota-Bellota® ribs come exclusively from our Bellota-Bellota® ham suppliers; they come from 100% pure Bellota-Bellota® Iberian pigs slaughtered at the end of the Montanera.

What are ribs?

The ribs (carne intercostal) is a piece of meat placed between each sleeve of the ribs of the Iberian pig. Its texture is of incomparable tenderness. The stick-shaped cut allows for quick cooking and pleasant tasting for tapas or a convivial aperitif.

Net weight :
Ingredients :
Iberian pork 100% Bellota (origin Spain)
Preservation :
Allergens :
Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100g
Nutrition facts per 100g
Energie / Energy value 350 Kcal
Matières grasses / Fats 24,70g
Dont acides gras saturés / of which saturated 9,39g
Glucides / carbohydrates <0,50g
Dont sucres / of which sugars <1 mg
Protéines / Protein 33g
Sel / salt 4,5g

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