Prestige smoked salmon 2 slices


approx. 160g

22,40 € tax incl.

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  • Expiration date : 10 days
  • Preservation : 0/+4°C

What you need to know:

Unique, addictive, prestige smoked salmon is different from all other smoked salmon. A real wood fire (alder) for a natural and fragrant smoke. No electricity, no computer: only experience and time count here.

“Classical smoking” corresponds with the traditional preparation of our Prestige smoked salmon. The smoked salmons go through our smoker only once for durations of between 7/8 hours and up to 12 hours or more.

2 slices of Prestige smoked salmon (approx. 160g)

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Le club sandwich au saumon fumé Prestige

Les oeufs bénédicte au saumon fumé

La salade gourmande de saumon

On Youtube, find out how to realize a gourmet bagel :

Bagel de saumon fumé prestige

Contains : Salmon, salt, smoked

  • Allergens : fish

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Prestige smoked salmon 2 slices

Prestige smoked salmon 2 slices

approx. 160g

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