Wild salmon eggs


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  • Preservation : 0/+4°C

What you need to know:

Fished of the coast of Alaska at the start of each summer, our wild salmon eggs all come from a single variety of salmon, the chum/keta (2 names for the same wild salmon and from it's best quality: first grade).

These salmon eggs are the most renowned, notably in Japanese cuisine, for their finesse and refinement.

The tastes are precise, subtle, extraordinarily refined, revealing why its fans refer to it as «red caviar».


Contains: salmon eggs, salt. 

Storage: 0/+4°C

Best before: 8 days after you receive it.

96.5% (Oncorhynchus keta), sel Allergène : poisson Conservation : 0/+4°C. DLC : attention DLC de 8 jours à réception chez vous.   [2] Links: ------ [1] http://www.bellota-bellota.com/coffret-cadeau.htm [2] http://www.bellota-bellota.com/mag/fr/page-174803.htm

  • Allergens : fish

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Wild salmon eggs

Wild salmon eggs

**This item is not available for foreign countries**

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