• Le tarama à la truffe d'été (3%) 90g

Summer truffle taramasalata 80g

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Churned in an old-fashioned and very traditional manner, all of our taramasalata are exclusively prepared using whole pouches of lightly smoked cod eggs from Iceland. Neither red nor black, all of our taramasalata are guaranteed to be free of colouring agents.

Invented by Byzance in 2008, it has been copied many times.

However, our recipe is exclusive, and starts with our brut de tarama nature into which we incorporate, this time, 3% tuber aestivum (summer truffles) as well as natural truffle oil.

For fans of truffles, the result is obviously magical: the aromas of the cod eggs and truffles reverberate off one another, dance with each other, mix and complete each other.

Net weight :
Preservation :
Allergens :
fish, milk and gluten
Guaranteed use-by date on delivery :
10 days

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