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Professional customers

On the B2B side, our clientele is made up of several types: restaurant owners, fine grocers, hotels, palaces, butchers, fishmongers... Around 2,000 clients have trusted us for almost 30 years.

All this fine clientele is managed by our sales team, which is working to travel across France.

On the product side, some 700 references are stored in our warehouse, in the heart of the M.I.N. of Rungis, to be closer to the business and our customers.

Our warehouse

It is at the heart of the M.I.N. de Rungis, that we set up our warehouse a few years ago. Our logistics team takes care of controlling the quality of the products, preparing the orders, packaging them and then shipping them anywhere in France and around the world.

The sales administration and the purchasing department are also located there, so that the complete logistics service is in the same place.

Our sales department

Our sales team is made up of real enthusiasts, from the hotel industry, the food trade or even the wine sector.

Becoming a customer, you will have a sales agent dedicated to your area, present to answer your questions, visit you, help you build your offer around Bellota-Bellota® and Byzance® products.

Product selection

The very first stage of selection is the most important: the tasting. Because it is above all by taste that we select our products.

Then comes the producer's selection. It is done with criteria specific to our values: respect for animals and their environment, respect for people with a company on a human scale, respect for environmental standards... If a producer does not respect these criteria, we will not work with him.

The next step, less romantic but just as essential, are negotiations, to obtain attractive prices for our customers and offer them the best products at the fairest price. Moreover, customers are also at the center of exchanges, since we try to adapt as much as possible to their needs: product, format, preparation, personalization…

Finally, when all this selection process comes to an end, it's time to taste again, this time with our customers. Explain how the product is made, how to cook it, what to accompany it with...

And throughout the year, internally, we organize product committees. This is a time when we taste our products, those of other producers and also those of our competitors, to be sure to have and always offer the best of the best.

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