Bellota-Bellota® Franchise

From passionate to franchisee, why shouldn't you?

Byzance Group

We are much more than ambassadors of exceptional products, we are a true art of living. We offer gourmet products for sale and catering, capable of provoking incomparable emotions when tasted. 

With almost 30 years' experience, we distribute our products worldwide to both private and professional customers.

Bellota-Bellota® Brand

Bellota-Bellota® is a French brand that combines the best of two great cultures:

  • From Spain, the best of Iberian gastronomy in a festive, convivial spirit,
  • From France, a culture of gastronomy and a sense of aesthetics and excellence.

This marriage gives rise to unique spaces dedicated to the tasting and sale of exceptional products.

A brand that has become a benchmark for B2B and B2C customers and our franchisees.

  • 3 activities: delicatessen, on-site catering and take-away.
  • 1 strong digital presence: e-commerce site, marketplaces, delivery...
  • 1 events business: catering, privatization, ham carving, business gifts...

In our shop

Our ambassadors welcome our customers at our counters, where they can enjoy a drink with friends, lunch with colleagues, take away some tapas, dine with family or shop for special occasions.

A strong, recognized graphic identity.

The Bellota-Bellota® brand is accompanied by other well-known brands.

Byzance brand

Byzance is the Group's name, but it's also the very first brand we registered, long before Bellota-Bellota and much better known from professional customers.

Initially, we marketed only smoked salmon and caviar to the catering trade. Then the range gradually expanded, crossing borders further south to discover the black gold of Iberia. But our historic products remain benchmarks, markers and best-sellers.

BB La Cave brand

A brand and a whole range of products that have become part of the Group's development.

The idea of creating and producing perfect pairings with Bellota-Bellota products led to the (slightly crazy) idea of creating a brand dedicated to La Cave. 

We offer a range produced exclusively for the BB La Cave brand: red wines, white wines, sangria, beers and spirits. 

These brands are benchmarks in their product worlds and offerings.

All trademarks are internationally protected in logos, phrases and text.

Graphic universes that complement each other and are used on packaging, POS materials and external communications.

Byzance is both a brand and a company.

Bellota-Bellota® concept

The basic principle behind all our counters:

The « para llevar » : whatever you eat, you can take it away, and vice versa

And to live up to this principle, the products that make up the Bellota-Bellota range can be found in the grocery store as well as in the on-site catering and take-away offer. It is in this unique gourmet restaurant-boutique format that Bellota-Bellota expresses its long-established proven know-how.


To offer or find at home all the exceptional products

Food service

Raw produce, assembly cuisine, prepared in front of customers

Take away

An offer that fits to our customers' consumption patterns

Bellota-Bellota® model

Bellota-Bellota® adjust to location constraints

Location and layout

Operation size : from 60sqm to 100sqm and more

> 15sqm storage recommended

With or without extraction: an adaptable offer


Between 2000 et 2500 € / sqm

Off-premises or leasehold

A true partnership

We will be with you every step of the way.

Project start-up

Feasibility study, financial projection, franchise agreement and signature


Support, help with layout, validation of plans in line with the project


Help with menu development, visual design, product selection, assistance with first orders


Theory, practice and immersion within our teams


Before, during and after the opening, we're there for you and your teams


Guarantee profitability, help reduce losses, maintain margins

Join us as a franchisee

Based on a location already identified or to be confirmed with our help, our candidate partner and "compañero" is aesthete, passionate, used to the restaurant business, extroverted but conscientious and has an international culinary curiosity.

What does the franchise contract involve?

An entrance fee guaranteeing ongoing support, both in defining the project and throughout the life of the contract: product, training, menu, offers, marketing...

Commissions adjusted to business level

Exclusivity on the best terms

Professional, caring support

Ready to apply? 

Are you interested in the Bellota-Bellota brand and the concept?

Find out more about the franchise conditions and apply to become our next partner in this great adventure.