• Spicy chorizo

    Spicy chorizo

    We already know the mild chorizo, discover the spicy one !

    It arrives in its new format, smaller but ever more delicious.

  • Iberian trilogy

    Iberian trilogy

    A trilogy of Iberian meats for your sunny barbecues

    • Iberian pluma pork

    •  Iberian Ribs

    •  Iberian pork Presa

    •   Two pockets of pimientos del padron

    •  A jar of Espelette pepper jelly

    •  Bellota-Bellota® cooler



    With the hashtag #benitolepoulpe post your recipe picture on Instagram and take your chance to win a 50€ voucher on our e-shop !*

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In order to understand how the Bellota-Bellota® iberian ham trully is international gastronomy heritage luxury goods, we do believe that spaces dedicated to Iberian ham, its culture and its art of cutting are what's best.

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