The events

Bellota-Bellota® is above all a story of taste for good and beautiful products. It is also a generous brand that is committed to sharing this taste for good products: at our tasting counters, via our website, or at events.

For several years, Bellota-Bellota has been part of a new dynamic. More Lifestyle, by multiplying experiences by following its foodista customers where they are: at sporting and cultural events, at festivals or events organized around gastronomy.

We strive every day to imagine the most beautiful events in order to promote and spread the conviviality of the brand's identity.

Catering service

For your event, whether professional or private, we take care of all the culinary part. From a simple lunch to the most complete service with privatization of places, equipment rental, entertainment and meals. We have tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Essentials products

Trays of hams, charcuterie and cheeses, very gourmet pintxos, seafood to die for, or even meats that will make you travel instantly. From olives as an aperitif, to dessert to finish as a treat, we can offer you everything.

Les boissons

To accompany all these good products and to meet the needs of our customers, our range covers all requests: from champagne to wines, not including spirits or waters.

Our wide range of products meets all tastes and budgets.

Animation Master Cortador 

The cutting of an Iberian ham is a spectacular and gourmet art that will bring an elegant, convivial and authentic side to your event. Something to surprise your guests and awaken their taste buds.

The Master Cortador is the person who will slice the Iberian ham in front of your guests. At Bellota-Bellota®, the Cortador Masters are none other than the ambassadors present in our sales and tasting counters. In addition to several training courses organized throughout the year by Bernard, our Group Trainer, they learn and train daily, by cutting throughout the day, to serve you a volcano of ham on place, or a few petals in a case.

For your event

In your professional premises, at home or even outside, the Master Cortador will travel with all the equipment he needs: knives, plates, ham display, napkins. And even a table if you can't provide one.

In short, for a wow effect when your guests arrive, the Maitre Cortador service is the entertainment you need!

Privatization of our shops

In France, our addresses can all be privatized for your events.

Let yourself be tempted by the charm of our counters. They are different, authentic... Find the one that suits you best. We will imagine your event together and orchestrate this gourmet and convivial moment.

Bellota-Bellota Tour Eiffel

18 rue Jean Nicot | 75007 Paris 

Bellota-Bellota Champs

11 rue Clément Marot | 75008 Paris 

Bellota-Bellota Boulogne

27 rue Yves Kermen | 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Bellota-Bellota Lyon

102 cours Lafayette | 69003 Lyon

Other animations 

Beyond the Master Cortador animation, we can imagine other animations, with the rest of our products: cutting of salmon (just as greedy and elegant as the ham!), making of pintxos at the request of the customer, brazier to cook Iberian meats or Foodtruck to delight your guests.

On the Street Food side, Bellota-Bellota strives to be present wherever you are: Food Market in Belleville, Street Bouche festival in Strasbourg, racecourses in Auteuil, Longchamps and Vincennes...

Tasting masterclass

The masterclass can also be privatized in groups of 8 to 20 people. Visit the dedicated page to find out more.


Business gifts

And at the end of the year, Bellota-Bellota® also handles orders for business gifts. From composition to shipping.


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