Master Cortador training


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What you need to know:

A unique, original and exclusive gift!

A training made by a Bellota-Bellota® Master Cortador. During two hours, you learn every way of cutting, you taste, you enjoy.

You'll receive a voucher by email, joined with a personnalised message (please precise wich message you want in comments, at the end of your order).

The happy gift recipient will contact Bellota-Bellota®, in a one year limitation period.


Training unclude:

- 30 minutes of theory lesson

- 1h30 of pratical courses

- Drinks to thirst

- 1 glass of an exceptional wine

- A training certificate

- A professional knife

- 100g package of Bellota-Bellota® ham

Every training take place at Boulogne-Billancourt

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Master Cortador training

Master Cortador training

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