Book Bellota-Bellota®, an Iberian passion

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Written by Philippe Poulachon

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An iberian passion

Edited by the prestigious La Martiniere, this book is both an anthology of Iberian ham and a recipe book of exceptional chefs around the Bellota-Bellota ham.

The pig, the Dehesa and the manufacturing process will have no secrets for the aficionado who will find more accurate answers to all questions that may arise.

Finally, 30 " Grands Chefs " from Barcelona to Paris, Hong Kong to Lima, from London to Marseille, have specially cooked variations around this ham .

 Find recipes, among others , Albert Adria , Guy Savoy , Pascal Barbot , Frédéric Anton , Noriyuki Hamada Alving Leung, etc ..

200 photographs by the famous Richard Haughton

Autor : Philippe Poulachon, Bellota-Bellota® founder

Photograph : Richard Haughton

Preface : Ferran Adria & Pierre Hermé

Epilogue : Alain Ducasse

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