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Byzance Group

Founded in 1995, the Byzance Group is at the head of two houses: Bellota-Bellota® and Byzance®. The first dedicated to Iberian gastronomy, with flagship products such as the famous Iberian Pata Negra ham, charcuterie and Spanish wines; the second to so-called luxury products, such as smoked salmon, caviar or taramasalata.

The 700 or so products of the two brands can be enjoyed today in the 30 counters of the group, in France and abroad, on site or to take away, with 1,000 professional customers (delicatessens, restaurants, hotels, butchers or fishmongers) and can also be purchased on the e-commerce site. The group also has an event activity and offers catering services, Maitre Cortador, entertainment and privatizations.

The Byzance Group employs around a hundred people, working in France, Spain or Asia, at the head office, at the warehouse or in the counters.

Bellota-Bellota brand

A French Art de Vivre brand dedicated to the best of Iberian gastronomy that combines the best...

from Spain

  • Exceptional products capable of provoking taste sensations
  • A friendly and relaxed way of tasting

and from France

  • The “culture of gastronomy” for a bigger, richer, more complex customer experience
  • The sense of detail and aesthetics, to go beyond the taste emotion and create a real "customer experience"

Other brands

Bellota-Bellota and Byzance are not the only Byzance Group brands.

For professional customers only, the Dehesa Iberica brand offers meat products from Iberian campo pigs.

And the youngest, which is aimed at a more everyday, more street food clientele, the La Bodeguita par Bellota-Bellota brand is set up as a stand, in Halles such as Issy-les-Moulineaux, or in department stores such as than La Grande Epicerie de Paris. With the same products as Bellota-Bellota, La Bodeguita turns to moments of conviviality to share, with a range of offers responding to all hours.


The CSR approach

CSR is the contribution of companies to the challenges of sustainable development. A company that practices CSR will therefore seek to have a positive impact on society while being economically viable.

This is why we have started a process with Ecovadis, and are working collaboratively in our local markets to solve complex problems, meet environmental challenges and promote change through a sustainable development strategy, with several themes ( Organizational Governance, Human Rights, Labor Relations and Conditions, Environment, Fair Trade Practices and Consumer Issues).

Beyond these central themes, we have set up an "Ethical and responsible purchasing charter" with our suppliers.


Finally, the Byzance Group has been certified Organic Distributor since 2023.

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